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Leicester Dog Grooming Courses.

Taster Days: Are you thinking about becoming a professional dog groomer? Taster days offer hands on experience with a qualified groomer to see if it's the career for you. Lunch & refreshments included. Free Taster Day.

Owner Groom sessions: Has your pooch already been scalped to an inch of his life! Or maybe your best friend is getting rather hairy and unmanageable. Have you bought the wrong tools for the job! Would you like support & advice to help you manage and maintain using the correct procedures and brushes/combs for their breed. £15 per hour (partial groom only)
Ideal for mix breeds such as Cockerpoos, Bichon X, Shih~tzu x, Poodle X etc.

Handstripping: Got a wire haired buddy that could do with a handstrip.  You know what he should look like but doesn't and you don't know where to start! I'll teach you how and what technique & equipment you need to
bring them back to show or pet look properly. £40

Week grooming course: Would you like to
go a bit further from the Taster Day  and spend a week in our busy & professional grooming salon.  From picking up tips & advice, liaising with customers, learning the correct and kind way of handling the dogs, bathing & drying procedures and much more.  Lunch & refreshments included;
Monday ~ Friday 10am till 3pm. £775

3 week intensive course:  Grooming as a career ~ Accommodation arranged. A one to one intensive training by a qualified C&G professional groomer, Bernie.  Hands on from day one.

Subjects covered include: Health & safety in the salon
Handling Dogs
Bathing, conditioning & drying of all coat types
Ear pluck/clean, nail trimming, gland expression
Recognition of skin problems
Handstripping, clipping & scissoring
Basic First Aid & CPR
Dental Hygiene
Flea, tick & worm management
Shaping heads
Reverse clipping
And much more....You won't leave until you're competent!
Certificate of Achievement awarded.  £2250

Courses for groomers not trained by C&G standards: Are you a groomer that has been trained by another groomer who was not C&G trained. There will be a shortfall in your training even if that groomer has vast experience & knowledge unless they are kept up to date with their training by attending courses/seminars. For a week learning up to date knowledge, techniques and latest products & equipment you can pick up tips and build on your existing skills as a groomer by a groomer who constantly strives for a more professional approach to the grooming industry and that will set you apart from the rest: £350 for 5 days; 10am~2pm. Free back up on all courses.

An 'open door' policy on all courses is offered and free on~going refresher days too!

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Handstripping: Taught which stripping blades you need, and how to strip the coat properly and to finish it in breed specific style.
Price: £40.00 per hour.

Full public and employers liability insured.

Please be aware that many groomers offer training to teach others like yourself to groom. To keep standards high and not to bring the grooming industry into disrepute, questions you should be asking before parting with your money are:

i) What recognised qualifications that groomer has and also to teach
ii) Are they affiliated to a recognised grooming body
iii) Do they have recognised qualifications to teach ALL subjects offered by them such as First Aid
v) How long have they been grooming not showing (this is a completely different area)
vi) What qualification do you get at the end of the course
vii) Do they have full public AND employer liability

Although the qualification may not be City & Guilds, it's advisable to make sure that groomer is because they can offer up-to-date styles, equipment & techniques. The way alot of dogs were done 10 years ago are not how they are done today which will reflect in the dogs you groom after your course and what will distinguish you positively from the rest!

It's your investment...research your training....challenge every question!

NB* We are Not Keyham Kennels & Cattery and nor do we have any business dealings with them.
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